LET'S GO DIGITAL because my mission is to help all entrepreneurs and freelancers to launch their business on the web thanks to Digital Marketing. TOGETHER why

My mission is to take you step by step through this new scanning path, together we will find the right strategy to help your business to grow even on the web. How can we achieve our mission? Thanks to a strategy of

Digital Marketing specially chosen for your business, whatever it is.

My focus will be to increase Brand Identity and Brand Awareness, to promote your business on the web, to build a constant online identity (from the creation of a modern website, Mobile Friendly to social media) and to increase the engagement with your customers to retain old and new customers. Together we will go through an important digitization process so that your business is an important presence on the web!


I believe in the commitment and passion that entrepreneurs pour into their activities, I also believe that starting a path of innovation and digitalization is not simple but it is necessary. I believe in business, Made in Italy and in all those activities where satisfaction, heart and hard work are the daily tools that allow us to offer the best product and / or service.

Mine is a vision towards the digitization of all activities. A vision towards the modernization of all companies, start-ups and all freelancers.

My vision of digitalization is characterized on one hand by Digital Marketing strategies and on the other by a relationship based on transparency of results and data, professionalism, competence and constant attention to your needs.

Contact me today and let's start this digitalization journey together!


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Degree in Business Economics from the University of Perugia.

Master in Art Management in London. Professional course in

Digital Marketing (released by the Digital Marketing Institute).

Web Consultant and Social Media Manager since 2020.


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Digital Diana

Tel +393898877106

Email godigital.diana@gmail.com

Get in touch with me and together we will get your business off the web ... a bit like Neil Armstrong in 1969.

'' A small step for man, a big step for humanity ".

Neil Armstrong - Astronaut, just come down to the moon. 07/20/1969.

Digital Diana

Servizi di Digital Marketing & Social Media 

Tel +393898877106

 Email godigital.diana@gmail.com

Website www.digitaldiana.net

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